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[b]X- Ray of Quranic signs (Introduction)[/b]

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[b]X- Ray of Quranic signs (Introduction)[/b] Empty [b]X- Ray of Quranic signs (Introduction)[/b]

Post  Musibau Yusuf on Mon May 11, 2009 12:48 am

[b]"..Surely This community of yours, is one community, and I am your Lord, hence worship me..." Al Qurian.[/b]
The similitude of our 'spiritual' life journey is likened to a cycle.
Circumnavigating this cycle is expected to take one back to his starting point of the journey.
The entire course of the journey will take one through phases/stages of life, numerous stop overs, alot of milestones and series of signs and signposts.
The elements of the process the journey are sequential,joined and interconnected.
Each element is a function and product of 'Time' and 'Space'.
The process is "The Message".
The uniqueness of this this process is,its being one and only cycle of life, that has ever run, and no other after it.
We hope to share views on:
Tracing back to the starting point of this journey of ours;
X- raying the Quranic mentioned stopovers and phases of the journey;
Identifying and examining the signs of Allah and the signposts;
Considering relevance and significance of the signs and the signposts.
"....We shall show them Our signs....". Al Qur'ian

Musibau Yusuf

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[b]X- Ray of Quranic signs (Introduction)[/b] Empty Allah is great

Post  aburidwanallah on Wed May 13, 2009 9:52 pm

Islam is indeed a perfect religion. we will look out for more on the xray


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