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Google’s first Android phone.......

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Google’s first Android phone....... Empty Google’s first Android phone.......

Post  asheque on Sat Dec 10, 2011 3:59 pm

Google’s first Android phone, the HTC-made T-Mobile G1 debuted in October 2008, and with it kicked off an avalanche of Android just the same.The now-mature Android operating system currently accounts for 48 percent of the global market share where Windows Phone poses only a shadow of a threat.There are consequences of such a blistering growth spurt, and in Google’s case, it’s been fragmentation–too many versions of the operating system available at the same time. While most models now host Android 2.2 Froyo and the newer Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), there’s also the tablet-specific Android 3.0 (Honeycomb).
Ice Cream Sandwich is a follow-up to Android 2.3 Gingerbread for Android phones.The next-stage operating system will finally give Android phone owners a taste of Android Honeycomb 3.0 by bringing smartphones Honeycomb’s holographic user interface, more multitasking, and a new apps launcher.

What’s more, with Ice Cream Sandwich Google finally addresses the fragmentation issues that have plagued the adolescent operating system.Since we only got a glimpse, it’s tough to rate the OS so far, but from the looks of it, Ice Cream Sandwich will advance Android smartphone capabilities by leaps and bounds, versus the more-incremental updates we saw with Gingerbread. We’ll be looking forward to seeing hardware and software unified on a single mobile platform, similar to Apple’s move in consolidating its mobile products under iOS. Here’s what we’ll expect to see.“One OS that runs everywhere.”
While Honeycomb was designed for tablets, Ice Cream Sandwich will be a cross-platform OS,This means that Ice Cream Sandwich will run on tablets and smartphones, and possibly on other Android devices as well. As a result, Ice Cream Sandwich will bring all of Honeycomb’s coveted features to Android phones. That includes user-interface refinements such as multitasking, a “holographic” user interface, a scrolling list of apps, an application launcher, and richer resizable widgets.Ice Cream Sandwich phones will also get access to the newly announced movie rental service in the Android Market (along with all Android phones 2.2 and above), Google Music access, and compatibility with hardware accessories like keyboards and game controllers.With Ice Cream Sandwich, Google is also working hard to shrink fragmentation. This will allow the same program to run on most Android phones and tablets of different screen sizes and specs.
Facial tracking
Ice Cream Sandwich will also bring with it an OpenGL head-tracking system that is able to track facial features. Google demonstrated this with a Virtual Cam Operator app at the Google I/O keynote, where the camera automatically tracked and focused in on the person who was talking.


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