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Qur'an: The only constituton of peace

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Qur'an: The only constituton of peace Empty Qur'an: The only constituton of peace

Post  asheque on Fri Feb 17, 2012 9:10 am

Except some atheist, all the mankind believes in the existence of Allah (God). Allah has created mankind and the universe. So He and only He knows the path in which man will find peace. Suppose you have invented car. Then only you will know the systems in which the car is driven, there will occur no accident. If I purchase the car from you, then I must drive the car according to your rules. If I don't follow your instructions, it's sure that I will occur an accident. Same the question.
Only Allah knows the system of life in which we can find entire peace and security. It's totally impossible for a man to give such a system of life, he might be the wisest person in whole history of mankind. Allah has noted all the instructions of every sphere of our life, individual, social, economical, penal and mutual in Holly Qur'an. Now if we deny the sovereignty of Allah and lead our entire life according to our own created laws, it's out of imagination that we will be able to lead a peaceful and secured life. The whole mankind is doing the same.


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