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Dajjal has already been appeared.

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Dajjal has already been appeared. Empty Dajjal has already been appeared.

Post  asheque on Sun Feb 19, 2012 7:02 am

Do you know that Dajjal the anti-Christ has already been appeared. Holly Prophet (s) predicted about Dajjal on Hadis. Based on His Hadis,
Emamujjaman, the leader of the time, Bayazid Khan Panni has identified Dajjal. He has proved that Judeo Christian civilization is Rasul's predicted Dajjal. He has shown that the symptoms of Dajjal have completely been reflecting on the characteristics of Judeo Christian tecnological civilization. A practical person who prefers consciense and logic to being blind can not deny his speech. Please visit us to know Dajjal and present situation of Islam and human civilization. You should not ignore if you
believe yourself as a muslim.


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