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what is happening In-Paradise?

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 what is happening In-Paradise? Empty what is happening In-Paradise?

Post  asheque on Thu Mar 01, 2012 9:44 am

Salam all,

So, we are told that Paradise is a place of sheer tranquility and beauty. Those who will be fortunate to make it there, will enjoy an eternity's worth of luxury and pleasure. Moreover, Paradise will be a place of absolute peace and purity. 'Evil' will be nowhere to be found. Intentions and actions will all be 'good'. No fighting, no deception, no wars etc.

Here is my question:

If Paradise is as the above, how or why did Adam and Eve manage to Err and be deceived?
Satan was also living in this Paradise, but he too had the capacity to be evil in this environment.

Also, at this point -- Adam and Eve were the only humans.... whereas there were more than one or two jinn, as Satan is referred to as 'one of the jinn' or their leader.... when Satan was expelled, was it just him or his whole species/followers as well?

Is Paradise --- jannah - connected to the word jinn?

If God created a new species, 'human' in Paradise to test the existing jinn.. does that show that creation continues even in paradise... as in, once all this is over and the select humans enter paradise, could there be a new species created??

Like, as far as i know, people who go paradise, while they will enjoy it and all, there will be no such thing as making babies.. a new generation of jannah born humans... but history shows that creation can occur in paradise... is that was satan was so upset about?

Islam and Dajjal


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